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Brand Strategy & Communications

We will build a long-term plan that will create a lasting impact on your audience, taking it two steps further than a logo or catchy slogan.

The development of a successful brand is not only about achieving specific goals, it’s about establishing a meaningful relationship with your audience. We execute brand strategies that are well-defined. We create valuable and engaging experiences for your audience that will accurately represent your brand, products and services.

Our Brand Strategy & Communications services include:

Strategy, Execution & Analysis:

In-depth Brand Analysis

Brand Growth Strategy

Creative Strategy & Development

Content Strategy & Development

Brand Guidelines

Visual Strategies

Logo Design

Brand Personality & Messaging


Social Media Creatives

Website Graphics

Banner Design

Digital & Print Press Kits

Sponsorship Deck Creation & Design


Motion Graphics & Animations

Print Designs


Website Development & Design

Website Graphics

Banner Design

Digital & Print Press Kits

Digital One Pagers

Sponsorship Deck Creation & Design

Video Production: Concept & Creation

Video Editing

Filming Video Content


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Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Langton PR for well over a decade. They have consistently risen above the industry norms to impress and wow me with their high standards for events and customer service. They have a phenomenal team that is always a step ahead in providing great photos, product info, social media handles, web links and anything else I might need for great content. I hold them as a gold standard for professionalism and customer service. Always a job well done!

Lorraine Zander

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Faze Media Group

We highly appreciate the partnership we have with Langton Communications. They've been instrumental in building our brand through PR awareness in Canada which in turn has helped increase sales in the territory. They're always seeking new opportunities for our brand through traditional press outreach as well as online PR and influencer collaborations. Always reliable, proactive and professional.

Yolanda Cooper

Global Marketing Manager at Vita Liberata

Langton Communications has been our Agency of Record for the past 20 years; since the company’s inception! We thoroughly enjoy working with this creative team and time and time again, have reaped the rewards of their hard work. The team has a strong understanding of brand strategy and we would highly recommend Langton to anyone looking to grow their consumer base by using traditional and non-traditional PR and marketing tools.

Dede Sgardelis

Senior Marketing Manager, Shiseido Joico